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Email to Parents 18/06/21

Email to Parents 18/06/21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Finally, we have made it to Summer and the sun is shining. As the vaccines continue to roll out, there is at last reason to be hopeful and optimistic. Huge thanks to everyone, our students, staff, and their parents/guardians for working with us this year.

Along with this e-mail we are attaching the following:

  1. School Calendar for the academic year 2021/22
  2. New Uniform Policy
  3. Code of Behaviour Amendment for Senior Cycle students (5th and 6th years).
  4. Vs Ware instructions for accessing reports.

Please see below for further details.

1. Calendar 2021/22

Please find a copy of our Calendar 2021/22 including the return to school days and dates for all year groups. We will email closer to the date with details of times which will be dependent on the latest guidelines issued by the Department of Education and the HSE.

2. New Uniform Policy

At our Board of Management meeting on 16th June 2021, the board have ratified changes to our uniform policy. A copy of the policy is available on our website. A summary of the changes;

  • There is now a trouser uniform and a skirt uniform, girls are free to wear the trouser uniform.
  • There is a new school shoe – 5 styles are available to choose from. These shoes are compulsory for all new first years and will be phased in for all remaining students. Should students from 2nd - 6th year require new school shoes we would ask you to purchase the new school shoe styles, this will not be compulsory for these years until 2022/23. All uniforms and shoes are available from our uniform supplier: The School Wearhouse, Ballymount.
  • A light natural make up is permitted along with natural colour nail polish. However, it is important to note that false eye lashes, nails and tan are not permitted in school.

3. Code of Behaviour Amendment

We have amended our code of behaviour for Senior Students. This will now include the following steps which will be in place from the first day of school for these students. We ask that all parents of 5th and 6th year students closely review this and discuss with your child.

Senior Cycle Red line sanction (5th year and 6th year students)

There will be zero tolerance of disruption of classes by students in 5th and 6th year of our College. Any reasonable request from a member of staff should be carried out promptly, politely, and courteously.

The following steps will apply if students do not meet the required high standard of behaviour expected:

Zero Tolerance Point (VSware) – Any student removed from a lesson due to significant disruption will be sent to the Year Head, Deputy Principals or Principal. A member of the leadership team will contact home and notify parents that their child will be asked to study independently from home for the remainder of the school day.

Zero Tolerance 1st incident.

Action-the above will occur.

Follow up action; call from Year Head or classroom teacher to the parent/guardian to discuss the incident.

Zero Tolerance 2nd incident.

Action- the above will occur.

Follow up action- Parents invited into school to meet with Year Head and Student (Year Head report 2 weeks)

Zero tolerance 3rd incident.

Action-the above will occur.

Follow up action-Parents and student invited to meet with a Deputy Principal (Deputy Principal report 2 weeks)

Zero Tolerance 4th incident.

Action-the above will occur.

Follow up action– Parents and Student invited to meet with Principal and will be advised on attendance at a meeting of the Discipline Committee. (Principal report 2 weeks)

*Due consideration will be given to students with additional educational/behavioural needs.

4. Semester 3 Reports:

Semester 3 Reports are live from today. Our 3rd year students will also receive their school certificate in the post. Instructions on how to access the reports are attached to this e mail.

A huge Thank You to the Parents Association for their constant support and involvement in school. Throughout the year we have worked on several policies to support our students. Their recent school uniform donations drive has been very successful with lots of pre-owned uniforms making their way to new homes. Funds raised from the old clothes drive are going towards new goal posts for our new soccer pitch, which should be playable in September.

As always, it's been a jam-packed year. Our Summer newsletter is available on our website to help you catch up on some of the events and initiatives that been happening during this year.

Have a well-earned wonderful summer, we look forward to seeing you all in August.

Deborah and Mary

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