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Kingswood Community College

House Chess Tournament

House Chess Tournament

The first Kingswood Community College House Chess Tournament took place in the school on Friday morning.

There was a fantastic level of participation with 64 total competitors on the day as the tournament got underway. All matches were played fairly and began and ended with a handshake. Within an hour, 64 had became 32. There was some extremely competitive matches, with great jubilation and heartbreak upon their ends. Unfortunately due to time constraints, matches had a 10 minute chess clock timer and stalemates were to be decided by a coin flip.

As the group grew smaller, it was clear that the final would be extremely close. When it came down to the finals, the tension was palpable.

Here are the final results
Final - Yuxin (3rd Year) defeats Jovenal (2nd Year) via resignation

Playoff - Wen (2nd Year) defeats Ryan (3rd) via checkmate

The winner Yuxin was representing Teach Hawthorn


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