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Additional Support Needs

The principles of inclusivity and respect are enshrined in Kingswood Community College and are lived out as much as possible in the day-to-day life of the school. All students are members of a tutor group, a year group and a House. The school aims to provide a caring, happy and safe environment to foster a love of lifelong learning and to develop each person’s academic, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual potential. In order to provide the highest level of care for students with additional supports needs, the school requests that all relevant records including reports from the primary school, psychological reports and any other information deemed necessary must be provided when a place is accepted in Kingswood Community College (if applying for a place in An Riocht, this information must be submitted with the application). This is to ensure that an appropriate transition process can take place and ensure that additional supports for learning are provided.

Additional supports for learning may be received in a number of ways depending on the student’s skills and needs.

Students accessing additional support may have;

  • Learning to Learn lessons
  • Access to a Special Needs Assistant.
  • Co-teaching (2 teachers in a classroom to support them and others)
  • A combination of the above models of support

Students who are found, through specific testing to be in need of literacy and/or numeracy support, will be given support. We will inform parents/guardians and will often advise them to seek a psychological assessment for their child.

Contacting the Additional Support Needs Team

If you have any questions regarding additional educational or support needs, please feel free to contact the ASN Team.

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