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Information for LC Pupils 2023

Information for LC Pupils 2023




From 5 pm on Tuesday 29 August you will have access to more detailed information about your provisional results on the Candidate Portal.

You will see the final mark for your examinations and, in the case of subjects with more than one component, you will see the mark for each of these components.

You will also see the additional mark awarded under the post-marking adjustment. The final mark is capped at the examination total; if the adjustment is such as to bring your mark above the examination total, then your final mark will be equal to the examination total.


The mark that you will see will be the combined mark for the written examination and any other component that there is. For example, the mark for LCA French will be the mark for the written examination and the oral test combined.

Similarly, in the case of the Vocational Specialisms, the mark on the portal will be the mark for the written examination and the coursework (project, practical performance test etc.) combined.

In the case of Leaving Certificate Applied, the post-marking adjustment takes the form of additional credits that are added on at the end and are separate from the credits you got for satisfactory completion of modules, for tasks, or for the final examinations. They will be shown separately on your statement of provisional results.


If you decide that you want to view a script you can apply to do this through the Candidate Portal. The portal will open for application to view scripts at 5 PM on Tuesday 29 August and will close at 8 PM on Wednesday 30 August.

If you choose to view a script in a subject that was marked online you will be viewing a scanned image of it on screen through the Candidate Portal from 9 AM on Saturday 2 September until 9 AM on Sunday 3 September. You can print off a copy of your script if you wish.

If you choose to view a script in a subject that was manually marked, the script will be sent to your school for you to view it there on Saturday 2 September. The Organising Superintendent in your school will assign you a time to view your script(s).

In addition to manually marked subjects, there is some other material that can only be viewed in school. Details on what examination material will be viewed in schools is provided on page 7 of Candidate Information Guide 2 – A Guide to Results and Appeals available at You are strongly advised to consult that guide so that you will know what material you will need to go to the school to view.

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